Signs on highway


  • Project name: Signs on highway
  • Contract: Subcontractor
  • Implementation: 2016

Project description

A former business partner invited GroundPlug to Trinidad and Tobago to build smart and solid foundations for several signs. The particular challenges of this project were both the low bearing capacity of the soil and the high wind loads in the area. Here, GroundPlug was able to develop a solid solution that met the high demands on the foundations.


The signs in Trinidad and Tobago stand on a hybrid system of two different GroundPlug foundations. For this project, a GroundPlug SK Beam structure was combined with 8 GroundPlug Twister foundations to provide the best possible load transfer. Although the GroundPlug Twister foundations used in this project were up to 9m long, they could be installed without any previous excavation work. This way, we achieved an easy and fast installation process.

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