From steel foundation to steel construction

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Noise barriers

At GroundPlug Industry, we have extensive experience in planning, producing and installing noise barriers. We manufacture noise barriers in many different materials, such as aluminium, willow or wooden slats. With our patented GroundPlug foundation system, the installation of noise barriers is particularly fast and efficient.

Click here to learn more about our noise barrier solutions and the GroundPlug foundations that go with them.

Lighting masts

We build lighting pole and lantern projects in different sizes, according to the needs of our customers. The use of our GroundPlug foundations makes the installation much easier, as the foundations are set into the ground without prior excavation.

Read more about our lighting pole and lantern solutions and discover which GroundPlug foundations are best suited for these projects.

Pylons & billboards

Thanks to our patented GroundPlug foundation system, we can install signs and billboards extremely effectively. The installation requires only minimal excavation, which makes the installation process quick and easy.

Here you can learn more about our solutions for installing pylons and get inspiration from projects we already have completed

Crash barriers

With our expertise in steel and foundations, it is only natural for us to also supply and install solid steel crash barriers. GroundPlug crash barriers are an aesthetic and safe solution that reduces accident damage as much as possible.

Here you can learn more about our crash barriers.

Steel bridges

As total contractor, we stand for design and calculation, production and maintenance of steel bridges. We always develop our solutions in close cooperation with our clients. During this process, a good coordination between technical and cost-effective planning is always in focus.

Here you can learn more about our steel bridges.

Steel structures

With our own engineering department and steel production facilities, we are happy to help with ideas, design and implementation of various steel structures. These can be smaller projects such as balconies and stairs, or larger projects such as bridges and halls.

Learn more about our expertise in various steel structures.

Special projects

At GroundPlug, we plan and install various special projects. In our own production facilities we have the possibility to produce specific GroundPlug foundation solutions according to the need of our costumers.

Get inspired by our special projects and learn more about our construction processes and their results.

Coastal protection

At GroundPlug, we have developed an innovative method for coastal protection that counteracts erosion. GroundPlug Coast is the only approved sustainable alternative to beach nourishment. Our GroundPlug method can significantly reduce the impact of the sea on the coast.

Here you can learn more about our effective coastal protection.

Residential projects

Our GroundPlug Easy Mounting System is a foundation system for residential projects such as decks and garden houses. The installation takes only a few minutes per screw foundation and is carried out with a conventional impact wrench.

Read more about our GroundPlug screw pile foundations for residential projects.