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Our experienced engineers always work with a focus on quality, economy and efficiency.

Team welding robots represent the movement in the automotive parts industry


We manufacture high quality steel products in our own production facilities in Europe. This enables us to always offer individual and efficient solutions to our costumers.

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Our dedicated installation team ensures an effective, time-saving and environmentally friendly installation process.

Turnkey contractor

At GroundPlug Industry, we offer a wide range of services from project planning and structural analysis to installation and maintenance. The good cooperation between our various teams ensures an effective construction process with strong synergy effects.

We are always in close contact with our customers and ensure their participation throughout the entire building process. In our work, we always build on our technical and practical expertise to deliver the highest quality and service.

In addition, we also cooperate with other engineering offices and construction companies. As specialist planners and subcontractors, we provide our innovative foundation system for various construction projects.

It is no longer enough to have a good product. You have to constantly think bigger and more creative than your competitors.

- CEO Carsten Aagerup

With our patented foundation systemwe can install noise barriers extremely effectively and precise. This way we guarantee a fast and aesthetically pleasing result. 


At GroundPlug Industry, we install lighting masts with our SK and GP foundation system. A special advantage of these foundations is that they can be set into the ground without any prior excavation work. This enables an efficient and environmentally friendly installation.


We supply solid and innovative solutions for steel bridges, where we both stand for design, production and installation.


Our competent engineers plan and calculate various steel structures according to individual requirements. The steel elements are manufactured in our own production facilities in Europe.


Our GroundPlug HE and GP foundation systems are the ideal foundations for pylons and billboards. They allow pylons of all sizes to be installed quickly and with minimal digging and clean-up effort.


Our experienced team of engineers and our own steel production provide the perfect basis to support our costumers in small and large construction projects. We are always happy to advise with ideas and design, for example for balconies, stairs, bridges, etc.


GroundPlug Coast is an innovative method for coastal protection that counteracts erosion. Our system is the only certified sustainable alternative to beach nourishment and significantly reduces the impact of the sea on the coast.


The GroundPlug Easy Mounting System is a smart and simple foundation system for residential projects such as decks and secondary buildings. The screw pile foundations are effectively installed with an impact wrench within a few minutes 


Why us?

Professional engineers

Our competent experts have many years of experience with constructions and buildings at all stages of their design and implementation.

Own production

GroundPlug steel products are manufactured in our own production facilities in Europe. Here, we ensure that the steel is of the desired quality and that the galvanizing process meets all necessary requirements.

With us from a-z

At GroundPlug, we offer holistic solutions including design, technical calculations, production of steel elements, installation and maintenance of completed structures.

We mount and install

Through our innovative installation process, we achieve significant time savings during installation. This enables a sustainable and cost-effective construction process.

In addition to the competencies in GroundPlug Industry, we also work with coastal protection and residential projects.


GroundPlug Easy Mounting System provides screw pile foundations for private constructions, such as decks and wooden houses.


GroundPlug Industry is responsible for planning, producing and installing steel products for industrial projects.


GroundPlug Coast is a patented sustainable coastal protection method that effectively counteracts erosion. 

Interested in our qualifications?

With our profound knowledge in the field of steel constructions we are always pleased to advise you on your upcoming building project.

Contact us at any time – no matter whether you need consulting on a specific project or just want to learn more about our services and expertise.