GroundPlug Støjskærme

Noise barriers

Over the past few years, GroundPlug has designed, manufactured and installed a wide variety of noise barriers.

In our own production facilities, we have the capacity to manufacture many different noise barriers. These range from steel and aluminum noise barriers, greenwall cassettes, noise barriers with weatherproof wooden slats, wicker facades, and many more.

For the installation of the noise barriers, we use our patented GroundPlug HE screw foundations. The bolt connection of the foundations can be adjusted with +/-70mm, which allows a precision of +/-5mm during installation.

The effective adjustment as well as the fact that GroundPlug foundations can be installed in all weather conditions, lead to considerable time savings during installation. This is of great benefit to our customers, local residents and road users alike.

Professional engineers

Our competent engineers and site managers have many years of experience in the construction of noise barriers – both in design and implementation.

Own production

GroundPlug noise barriers are manufactured in our own production facilities, where we have the possibility to produce elements according to the exact needs of our customers.

With us from a-z

At GroundPlug, we offer holistic solutions including planning, design, calculation, production, installation and maintenance of noise barriers and other structures.

We mount and install

Our fast and innovative installation process enables us to install noise barriers extremely effectively and in a time-saving way.

Professionelle ingeniører

Vores kompetente ingeniører og projektledere har stor erfaring med etablering af støjskærme, både med design og implementering.

Egen produktion

GroundPlug støjskærme bliver produceret i vores egen produktion, hvor vi har mulighed for at fremstille elementer præcis efter kundernes behov.

Vi tager dig fra a-z

Hos GroundPlug tilbyder vi totalløsninger med planlægning, design, beregning, produktion, installation og vedligeholdelse af støjskærme og andre konstruktioner.

Vi installerer og monterer

På grund af vores hurtige og effektive installationsproces kan vi montere støjskærme meget effektivt og med store tidsbesparelser.


Noise barriers made of glass can be an attractive solution if routes require maximum light incidence or if a closed noise barrier would appear as a break in the cityscape. GroundPlug can offer environmentally friendly and weatherproof noise barriers made of glass and acrylic.

Støjskærm i aluminiumskasetter


Noise barriers made of aluminum are often used along routes with particularly high environmental pollution, such as railroad lines or freeways. GroundPlug offers aluminum cassettes at competitive prices and with effective installation.


Noise protection walls made of willow are a particularly aesthetic solution. They are visually attractive in themselves and can be combined with planting, among other things. The willow facade is typically mounted as a rounding off on a noise-protecting core.

GroundPlg pilestøjskærm
GroundPlug - Grøn Støjskærm

Green noise barriers

Natural noise barriers are a green solution combining noise barriers with plants. The core of those noise barriers is effectively noise reducing and the facade is a natural aesthetic solution that is well suited for routes where an attractive and natural view is to be maintained.

Wooden slats

Wood-clad noise barriers are an attractive choice along major traffic arteries. The slats are supplied in weather-resistant, impregnated pine or durable wood such as Siberian larch or Canadian cedar. The slats have also potential in reducing graffiti vandalism and are an embellishing element on the aluminum noise protection.


Curved aluminum noise barriers are typically used on railway lines, where the upper curve contributes to effective noise reduction. GroundPlug has extensive experience with installation along railroad lines and can manufacture and install the appropriate elements in a cost-effective manner.

GroundPlug HE

Smart foundation

GroundPlug HE foundations are primarily used for noise barriers, but can also be used for various other projects. Regardless of the application, GroundPlug HE foundations always increase the effectiveness of the respective projects.

Flexible loads

The 12 standard types of our GroundPlug HE foundations can take loads between 23 kNm and 370 kNm. The required foundation length depends, among other things, on the ground conditions.


Quick installation

With our GroundPlug HE foundations, the installation process is particularly effective. 50 GroundPlug HE foundations can be installed per day – a speed that concrete foundations cannot live up to.

Effektive adjustment

An adaptable plate between the GroundPlug HE foundation and the structure ensures precise placement in all directions.

GroundPlug HE

Smart fundament

GroundPlug HE anvendes primært til støjskærme, men også til en række andre projekter. Uanset projekternes udformning indgår GroundPlug HE fundamenter altid som smarte elementer der øger projekternes effektivitet.

Fleksibel kapacitet

Vi leverer 12 standardtyper af GroundPlug HE fundamentet med en kapacitet fra 23 kNm til 370 kNm. Længden af fundamenterne afhænger af jordforholdene.

Hurtig installation

Med GroundPlug HE fundamenter kan konstruktioner opsattes på en særlig effektiv måde. Der kan installeres op til 50 GroundPlug HE fundamenter på en dag – en hastighed der ikke kan opnås med betonfundamenter.

Effektiv justering

En justerbar plade mellem GroundPlug HE fundamentet og konstruktionen sikrer en nøjagtig og præcis placering i alle retninger.

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