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Our engineering department is staffed by qualified engineers with many years of experience and technical know-how. Since our employees are specialized in different fields, we can offer a wide range of different services. These range from static calculations, resource and economic planning to site management activities on the construction site.

In our work, we always attach great importance to good communication – both internally and with our external business partners. For us, this is a central prerequisite for a successful construction project.

Meet some of our competent employees

Carsten Aagerup Owner/ CEO
Carsten Aagerup is CEO of GroundPlug Industry, GroundPlug Easy Mounting System and GroundPlug Coast. Carsten is an innovative, experienced and competent entrepreneur who thinks outside the box in a solution-oriented and creative way. Carsten is involved in all central activities of the company and is therefore the solid core of all our business areas.
PhD Robert Cybulski Chief engineer
PhD Robert Cybulski leads our engineering team and is responsible for quality assurance of all engineering work at GroundPlug. Robert has a M.Sc. degree in Civil Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU). Additionally, he holds a PhD in civil engineering. In addition to his work at GroundPlug, Robert works as a consulting engineer for the State of Poland.
Lars Lyngholm Project manager
Lars Lynghom has been a permanent external site manager for GroundPlug for more than eight years. Lars is a trained engineer and has over 30 years of experience in the construction industry. Furthermore, Lars has worked in many different areas of the construction industry, from earthworks, concrete work, carpentry, civil engineering to top level management positions.
Marek Staniczek Senior engineer
As a senior engineer, Marek Staniczek is responsible for design and calculation of bridge and noise barrier projects. At the same time he coordinates GroundPlug´s collaboration with subcontractors and suppliers. Marek holds a Bachelor's degree in engineering from the University of Odense and a Master's degree from the Silesian Unitersity of Technology.
Andreas Pilemand Foreman/ machine operator
Andreas Pilemand is our super skilled foreman on construction sites. Andreas has many years of experience with the installation of various steel foundations in large projects. In addition, Andreas is a highly competent and efficient operator of all types of machines and of course has all the approvals and certifications needed to run the daily work on the construction site.
Henryk Myrcik Engineer
Henryk Myrcik is a trained engineer under Dr. Robert Cybulski, specialized in steel structures. Henryk has already gained extensive experience with calculation, design and documentation of steel projects and works as a project manager. Here, he is responsible for for quality assurance, safety and work procedures at our construction sites.
John Rolsted Foreman/ machine operator
John Rolsted is our competent foreman and machine operator with many years of experience from both road, rail and port facilities. John is also our specialist in earth and pipe work. Furthermore, he is a talented machine operator with experience in difficult soil conditions and with bridge, concrete and sewer work.


We have the opportunity to manufacture a wide range of GroundPlug products in our own production facilities in Europe. In addition to steel elements, we also produce elements of aluminum or wood, such as noise barrier systems and other special elements.

GroundPlug steel elements are made of German quality steel and protected against corrosion by a hot galvanizing process. This process ensures, among other things, that the galavinization meets the requirements for product durability.

Our factories are CE certified according to EN 1090-1 and the Welding Procedure Qualification Record (WPQR).

Steel production

Our unique steel foundations

GroundPlug has designed and developed the innovative and patented GroundPlug steel foundations. GroundPlug steel foundations require no excavation, backfilling or soil disposal. This is how they eliminate many of the logistics problems often associated with traditional foundation solutions such as concrete.

GroundPlug steel foundations can be installed in only one day without the need for extra site visits. In addition, GroundPlug foundations can be installed even in frost or rain which contributes to flexible and reliable construction planning. GroundPlug foundations are a sustainable alternative to concrete foundations, amongst others because cement production emits extremely large amounts of CO2. The many advantages that GroundPlug steel foundations combine thus lead to an economical, time-saving and resource-saving construction process.

GroundPlug Twister

Innovative foundation that is screwed directly into the ground

GroundPlug SK/GP

Universal foundation for flexible load capacity

GroundPlug HE

Innovative foundation for extra fast installation

GroundPlug Beam

Strong foundation for large design loads


Our patented GroundPlug foundations enable extremely effective installation and assembly on the construction site. And because our foundations require little or no excavation, they also contribute to a sustainable construction process.

During installation, the bolt connection of the foundations can be moved as needed, allowing high precision installation. This guarantees easy and quick adjustment of the foundations.

Thus, our innovative installation process contributes to an effective construction process. Whether we install only steel foundations or complete solutions, our installation method is a good way to save time and resources.

Our innovative installation process is extremely time-saving and shortens the construction process significantly. See time saving

The bolt connection of the
GroundPlug foundations can be adjusted with +/- 70mm in all directions. Thus,
a high precision of +/- 5mm
is achieved. 

GroundPlug foundations can installed
in one day without any need for
additional visits on the site.

Through synergy effects, effective management and a time-saving installationprocess, we can always
offer cost-effective solutions

In contrast to concrete, GroundPlug foundations can also be installed in frost and rain. The construction time can thus be reduced significantly.

We deliver everything from planning, production to the installation of various constructions - always with a focus on effectiveness, economy and reliability.


Amount [pcs]5040
Weight GroundPlug HE foundation [kg/ pcs]150n.a.
Total weight of GroundPlug HE foundations [kg]7518n.a.
Delivery price of GroundPlug HE foundations [USD]19474n.a.
Concrete amount [m3/ pcs]n.a.0,34
Reinforcement [kg /pcs]n.a.120
Total amount of concrete [m3]n.a.13,6
Total reinforcement [kg/ stk.]n.a.4800
Price concrete material [USD]n.a.11627
Price reinforcement [USD]n.a.7748
Installationtime [days]12
Installation price [USD]18574095
TOTAL PRICE [USD] including installation in 1 day21331n.a.
TOTAL PRICE [USD] including installation in 2 daysn.a.23470

Interested in our qualifications?

With our profound knowledge in the field of steel constructions we are always pleased to advise you on your upcoming building project.

Contact us at any time – no matter whether you need consulting on a specific project or just want to learn more about our services and expertise.

GroundPlug Twister

Smart design

Vores universelle GroundPlug Twister fundamenter er opbygget som store jordskruer, der kan monteres direkte i jorden.

Forskellige indsatsområder

GroundPlug Twister fundamentet kan bruges til fastspænding af byrumsudstyr, midlertidige objekter såsom containere, lagerenheder eller overdækninger og som fundament under lettere strukturer såsom skure og udendørs trapper. 


Produktion og kvalitet

Som alle vores patenterede GroundPlug produkter er også GroundPlug Twister fundamentet beskyttet mod korrosion ved hjælp af en varmgalvaniseringsproces.

Kapacitet efter behov

Vores standard GroundPlug Twister fundamenter har forskellige kapaciteter alt efter størrelse. Derudover kan skræddersyede GroundPlug Twister fundamentløsninger produceres til at modstå højere belastningsværdier.

GroundPlug Twister

Smart design

Our universal GroundPlug Twister foundation works like large a large screw that is driven directly into the ground.

Various fields of application

The GroundPlug Twister foundation can be used to secure street fixtures, temporary installations such as containers, storage units or canopies and much more.


Production and quality

Like all of our patented GroundPlug products, the GroundPlug Twister foundation is protected against corrosion by a hot galvanizing process.

Loads as needed

Our GroundPlug Twister foundations have different load capacities depending on their size. In addition, specially designed GroundPlug Twister foundation solutions for higher loads can be produced.

GroundPlug SK / GP

Universelt fundament

De universelle GroundPlug SK og GP fundamenter er velegnet til at optage forskydning, moment samt vertikalt tryk og træk.

Kapacitet efter behov

Vi leverer 9 standardtyper af GroundPlug SK og GP fundamentet med en kapacitet fra 9 kNm til 99 kNm. Derudover kan skræddersyede løsninger af enkelte GroundPlug SK og GP fundamenter leveres med en kapacitet på op til 190 kNm.


Fleksibel tilpasning

Kapaciteten på GroundPlug GP fundamentet kan øges ved montering af et skovlsystem, som åbner sig nede i jorden når fundamentet er monteret. Fundamentet med skovlsystemet hedder GroundPlug SK fundament.

Forskellige indsatsområder

GroundPlug SK og GP fundamenter anvendes primært til belysning, gadeinventar, vejskilte til Vejdirektoratet og skilte til Banedanmark.

GroundPlug SK / GP

Universal foundation

The universal GroundPlug SK and GP foundations are well suited to withstand high displacements, moments and stresses.

Loads as required

The 9 standard types of our GroundPlug SK and GP foundations can take loads between 9 kNm and 99 kNm. In addition, individual GroundPlug SK and GP foundations can be produced with a load capacity of up to 190 kNm.


Flexible adjustment

The load capacity of GroundPlug GP foundations can be increased by installing a system that opens in the ground once the foundation is installed. This foundation is called GroundPlug SK foundation.

Various fields of application

GroundPlug SK and GP Foundations are mainly used for lighting, street inventory and signs.

GroundPlug HE

Smart fundament

GroundPlug HE fundamenter anvendes primært til støjskærme, men også til en række andre projekter. Uanset projektets udformning indgår GroundPlug HE fundamenter altid som smarte elementer der øger projekternes effektivitet.

Fleksibel kapacitet

Vi leverer 12 standardtyper af GroundPlug HE fundamenter med en kapacitet fra 23 kNm til 370 kNm. Længden af fundamenterne afhænger af jordforholdene.



Hurtig installation

Med GroundPlug HE fundamenter kan konstruktioner opsattes på en særlig effektiv måde. Der kan installeres op til 50 GroundPlug HE fundamenter på en dag – en hastighed der ikke kan opnås med betonfundamenter.

Effektiv justering

En justerbar plade mellem GroundPlug HE fundamentet og konstruktionen sikrer en nøjagtig og præcis placering i alle retninger.

GroundPlug HE

Innovative foundation

GroundPlug HE foundations are primarily used for noise barriers, but can also be used for various other projects. Regardless of the application, GroundPlug HE foundations always increase the effectiveness of the respective projects.

Various loads

The 12 standard types of our GroundPlug HE foundations can take loads between 23 kNm and 370 kNm. The required foundation length depends, among other things, on the ground conditions.


Quick installation

With our GroundPlug HE foundations, constructions can be  installed particularly effectively. 50 GroundPlug HE foundations can be installed per day – a speed that concrete foundations cannot live up to.

Effective adjustment

An adaptable plate between the GroundPlug HE foundation and the structure ensures precise placement in all directions.

GroundPlug Beam

Stærkt fundament

GroundPlug Beam består af flere mindre stålfundamenter hvorpå et bjælkesystem monteres. Fundamentet kan dermed benyttes til store designbelastninger eller ved ugunstige jordforhold.

Kvalitet og præcision

Som alle vores patenterede GroundPlug produkter er også GroundPlug Beam fundamentet beskyttet mod korrosion ved hjælp af en varmgalvaniseringsproces.


Forskellige indsatsområder

Denne type fundamentsystem bruges hovedsagligt til stadionmaster, vindmøller, vindturbiner, store skilte og pyloner.

Et kendt projekt

GroundPlug Beam systemet er designet til forskellige kunder over hele verden i alle størrelser, bl.a. fundamenter til de Olympiske skilte i London i 2012 som blev monteret på GroundPlug fundamenter.

GroundPlug Beam

Strong foundation

GroundPlug Beam consists of several smaller steel foundations on which a beam system is mounted. This foundation can therefore be used for heavy loads and in unfavorable ground conditions.

Quality and precision

Like all of our patented GroundPlug products, the GroundPlug Beam foundation is protected against corrosion by a hot galvanizing process.


Various fields of application

This foundation system is mainly used for building stadium masts, windmills, wind turbines, large signs and masts.

A well-known project

The GroundPlug Beam System has been designed in various sizes for different customers around the world. One popular example are the Olympic Signs 2012 in London, which are based on GroundPlug foundations.