Canary Wharf, UK


  • Project name: Canary Wharf, UK
  • Contract: Subcontractor
  • Client: Merson Signs
  • Implementation: 2008

Project description

In collaboration with Merson Signs, we have installed several signs and lighting masts in the London borough of Canary Wharf, UK. As the earth is very soft due to the close proximity to the water, it was impossible to use concrete foundations in this area. However, we were able to install our solid GroundPlug screw pile foundations, which are well suited for installation in soils with low load-bearing capacity.


In this project, we used our GroundPlug SK and GroundPlug Beam foundations. The GroundPlug Beam foundation is a system consisting of several smaller steel foundations and a beam system. This design makes the foundation suitable for use in soils with low load-bearing capacity. At the same time, our GroundPlug SK foundation was used for smaller street lights. Here, the high load-bearing capacity of those foundations was also an advantage in the very soft soil conditions at Canary Wharf.

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