Coastal protection

GroundPlug Coast is a patented and sustainable coastal protection method. This method uses nature’s own forces to reduce the impact of the sea on the coast and thus counteract erosion. With the help of GroundPlug Coast a natural flora is established, which contributes to the future protection of the coast.

GroundPlug Coast is a combination of willow and GroundPlug Twister screw pile foundations, which are particularly suitable for anchoring in sandy soil. GroundPlug Coast thus combines innovative engineering technology with more than 100-year-old coastal protection methods from Holland and Denmark.

First in Denmark

The first major biological coastal protection project was carried out by GroundPlug Coast in Denmark in 2018. The project is located in Nørre Lyngby on the west coast of Denmark, where several houses were threatened by coastal erosion. The 425 ft. long installation on the beach of Nørre Lyngby uses the forces of nature to protect the coast from erosion. The system is made of 100% natural materials and builds up a sand reservoir during the summer months, which can be retrieved from the sea in winter. GroundPlug Coast thus stands for innovative, sustainable and aesthetic coastal protection.