Noise barrier Roglevej


  • Project name: Noise barrier Roglevej
  • Contract: Tenders
  • Client: Municipality of Allerod
  • Implementation: 2013

Project description

In 2013, the residents of Roglevej in Allerod, Denmark, got a new noise barrier that was to reduce the noise of the nearby highway. In this project, GroundPlug was responsible for the calculation, production and installation of both GroundPlug foundations and steel columns for the noise barrier. The noise barrier is 2 x 300m long, 2 and 4.5m high and consists of aluminum cassettes.


The noise barrier on Roglevej is built on solid and innovative GroundPlug HE foundations – this is the type of foundation we use for most of our noise barriers. The adjustable plate between the GroundPlug HE foundation and the noise barrier ensures an accurate and precise installation. The project in Roglevej also benefitted from this effective and innovative installation proces.

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