Electrification Danish Railways


  • Project name: Electrification Danish Railways
  • Contract: Subcontractor
  • Client: Rail Net Danmark
  • Implementation: 2015

Project description

In 2015, GroundPlug was given the task of setting up technical cabins on flooded meadow areas next to rails. For this project, it was impossible to use concrete foundations due to the weight of the cabins and the soil conditions. Therefor, solid and efficient GroundPlug foundations were used for this project, easily withstanding pressure from trains passing at high speeds.

GroundPlug Skruefundamenter til teknikhytter Stålfundering med GroundPlug Skruefundamenter


In this project we used our universal GroundPlug Twister foundations. The 9m long screw pile foundations have an adjustable plate, which supports a precise and quick installation. An additional advantage is that our GroundPlug Twister foundations are designed as large earth screws, which means that the foundations can be mounted directly in the ground.

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