Easy Mounting System

The GroundPlug Easy Mounting System consists of screw pile foundations for private building projects. These foundations are easily installed with an impact wrench in only a few minutes per foundation. This makes it very easy to create a solid foundation for private construction projects – without digging and pouring.

The system can be used for a variety of construction projects, including decks, summerhouses, pergolas, vacation homes, sheds, extensions, carports, greenhouses, trampolines and playhouses.

Industry for residential projects

GroundPlug Twister foundations were originally developed for the rail and road industry. This design was then adapted for smaller construction projects, resulting in the GroundPlug Easy Mounting System.

The GroundPlug Easy Mounting System consists of GroundPlug Twister screw foundations, an L-bracket and a screw with washer. The system can be mounted quickly and with a conventional impact wrench in just a few minutes. GroundPlug Twister screw pile foundations are ISO certified and CE marked.