Ice rink in amusement parc


  • Project name: Ice rink in amusement parc
  • Contract: General contractor
  • Client: Amusement parc
  • Contract amoung: approx. US$ 300 000 
  • Implementation: 2017

Project description

Special projects require special solutions – this also applies to the construction of an ice rink in an amusement park in Denmark. In winter, visitors should have the opportunity to skate in the park. This means that the construction and dismantling of the ice rink should be as quick and uncomplicated as possible, in order to ensure a smooth workingproces in the park. As general contractor, GroundPlug was responsible for the construction and dismantling of the ice rink – thanks to our innovative GroundPlug foundations, this was a fast and effective process.


The ice rink is made of painted stainless steel and stands on GroundPlug SK foundations. One of the advantages of GroundPlug screw pile foundations is that the foundations can be installed in all kinds of weather – they can even be screwed into frozen ground in winter. This project benefitted a lot from this advantage, and the constrution time could be significantly reduced as there was no need to wait for the right weather conditions.

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